Located in historic Lebanon, Ohio, the Ralph Stolle YMCA is one of the largest YMCA facilities in the world. The new facility includes an indoor soccer field large family pool and many more great amenities. 


The pictures used here can not give a true sense of the magnitude of this building. Beautifully maintained, this is truly an exemplary YMCA.


Sound Concepts provided design, equipment and installation for the general building paging system and for the multimedia systems used in the Cardio Theatre - FitLink area.


The facility has functions running simultaneously that have differing requirements for paging. To accomodate this need we zoned the speakers in the various rooms in such a way that we could select one or more zones to receive a specific page. A zone control mixer was installed allowing the zone to be broadcast to be selected by dialing an extension number for that unique zone from any phone in the system. Additionally, a wall controller was installed to allow temporary, preselected zone modification.

During swim meets is required that the zone for the pool area have access to a microphone for announcements to the participants in the area but not have those announcements heard on any other zone. It is also required that the general announcements for the facility not be heard on that zone during a meet.

In the senior area of the building general announcements are not required so that zone is reserved for all call pages which are mosty of an emergency nature.

Speakers are located strategically throughout the area so that no person is ever in an area where the emergency page cannot be heard.


This state of the art workout area was designed using the latest in techniques and technology to provide a beautiful environment in which work toward being fit. For our part, we added 12 - 27" Sharp TVs strategically placed for viewing by the maximum of equipment users. The units were suspended from the ceiling using mounting devices designed to reduce the visual effect of the bracket itself and to feature only the picture on the TV screen. A wireless Cardio Theatre system was installed which provides 24 channels of listening choice for up to 65 participants simultaneously. This is accomplished without using wire to the workout machines. The participant provides their own headphones and chooses from the 7 TV channels or from a CD or tape which they provided upon arrival.

In addition, one of the TVs is reserved for viewing the activities in the nursery. Parents who leave their child for child care during their workout can keep an eye on their every move by watching the designated TV. 



Three TV's are installed near the rear of the room to accommodate patrons who use machines located in that area. The programming is the same as some of the TV's in the front part of the room. 



The equipment rack shown below houses 12 CD players, 3 tape decks and 2 AM/FM receivers which can be used by participants. The patron can put their own CD in the unit and then select it from the workstation where they are doing their workout. In this manner each person can choose the entertainment format for their workout routine. A background music system is provided for those who do not bring their own music or headphones.


Below is a picture of the secure closet which houses the equipment for this room. There are 7 VCR units which provide a video signal to the TVs and the audio signal to the Cardio Theatre wireless system. In addition this closet houses the background music system for the room and the paging system for the entire new facility. 


Sound Concepts also installed paging capabilities for the rest of the building. Speakers were installed in every restroom and shower area as well as the pool, running track, gym, soccer field, elevator and al the corridor areas. this area is very prone to severe storms and tornados. Ability to make emergency announcements as well as regular paging is very important in a building of this size. The paging system uses the telephone system to provide the source of the page. The mixer is designed to allow for background music to be played over the paging system if management so desires. Any page would take priority over the background programming. Over-ride is also configured into the background system in the large Cardio Theatre area.