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See our section on Global Facility Planning by clicking here.

We offer consultation services in all aspects on technology for Houses of Worship. Performance Venues, Sports Venues and Small Office and Conference Room Locations. Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Sound Reinforcement Systems

  • Projection Systems

  • Video Production Systems

  • Live Streaming Systems

  • Acoustic Analysis and Design

  • Networking Systems

  • Stage Lighting

  • Digital Signage Systems

  • Whether you are planning a new construction or an upgrade to an existing facility. advance planning for any project alleviates problems down-line. Areas covered in preconstruction planning should include but are not limited to the following areas:

    • Acoustics

    • Sightlines

    • Staging

    • Talent user interface

    • Staff user interface

    • Future projects and technological advances

    Consultation services are available for any venue or application. Call for details and to schedule an initial meeting to discuss the options or click on the Contact Us link to send a note.

    Global Facilities Planning

    As technological advances allow new and exciting capabilities for communication, it is increasingly important to develop and follow a global plan for a total facility. For a nominal cost digital messages can be distributed throughout a facility with management form a central location. Or high quality overflow seating can be arranged for a growing church or for multiple location for an instructional seminar. To maximize the capability and minimize the cost both in terms of equipment and personnel, a long  range design must be implemented and followed.

    Sound Concepts will help you sort through all of the available technologies and systems and assist in developing a needs assessment and communication strategy for your facility. It is always best to start early in the development process so that all facets of a project coordinate well together. For additional information call us at 513-703-0147 or click here to send a note:

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