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Let us help you with your streaming application.

For over 20 years we have been involved in designing and developing streaming systems for our clients. With our extensive experience in audio and video production and network implementation, we can help your church or organization specify, install and configure a system that will have you streaming your content at the highest quality.

To start the process we will set up a needs assessment meeting to discuss exactly what you are looking to accomplish, what equipment and systems you currently own, if any, and determine the required steps going forward.

With the current availability of low-cost PTZ cameras capable of high definition video, multi-camera switchers at a modest cost, a high quality broadcast video stream can be obtained for a nominal budget.

Let us help you sort it all out.

Call or complete a contact form to set an appointment or arrange a tour of one of the local churches where we have installed a quality streaming system,

Should Your church or Organization Provide Live Streaming for Your Events?

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Automatically Live Stream & Archive Your Event


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Now your church or organization can have a live stream presence online.

We have partnered with a hosting company to provide a cost-effective way to share your message in real time, on line. We handle all of the technical behind the scenes work and you just run your service or event as you would do otherwise. Here are the features:

  • Scheduled Event Stream: There will be nothing to do on your end to start and end the stream. That's right, we set up a regularly scheduled time and the stream starts at that time and ends at the second scheduled time. 
  • “Live Now” Link On Your Website: We will set up a "Live Now" link on your website and also provide an embedded player. Your viewer will click on the link when the event begins and watch.
  • Facebook Page Integration: The event will be integrated with your Facebook page so that viewers can access the event from that location.
  • Twitter Site Integration: The event will be integrated with your Twitter page so that viewers can access the event from that location.
  • On Demand Playback: Your event will be available on line after the event so that those who could not be at the live event or watch the event live on line can view the event at any time that is convenient. Or they can share the link to friends so that others can see the event at a convenient time.
  • Program Archives: The services and events can be archived indefinitely. A minimum of 250GB of storage on the server will reserved for your organization. Additional storage is available for an additional fee. 

    So how does this work?

    • There is a nominal hosting fee which includes all of the features shown above.
    • We, or you, schedule the stream to begin at the time(s) you designate. The stream will start automatically at that time and stop at the appointed end time, all you need to do is have the audio and video system turned on and running.
    • We can automatically create an on-demand archive of the event that will be available to anyone visiting your website.
    • We coordinate with your webmaster to embed the proper code in your website or social media accounts.
    • We provide the streaming encoder device which is installed at your location. The cost is included in the setup fee described in detail below.

    What do you need to provide?

    • A reliable internet connection with at least 4Mbps upload speed for HD image quality
    • Audio and video systems that will connect to the encoder. If these are not currently available, we will work with you to design and install the appropriate systems.
    • Access to your webmaster or hosting account if embedding the player in your site.
    • Access to your social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter etc., if so desired.
    • Event content: Prepare your best event and share it with anyone who can click on the link.

    So, What Is The Setup Fee About?

    • The initial setup fee varies depending on facility requirements.
    • We do an initial site visit, at no cost, to determine your internet speed, what equipment and wiring may be needed and any associated installation costs.
    • We coordinate with the streaming host company and configure the system to operate automatically. Or you can perform this functionality using the dashboard provided.
    • We coordinate with your website developer to add the necessary code to your website if so desired.
    • We coordinate with your social media administrator to integrate the event stream, if so desired.

    What Is Not Included In The Above Fees?

    • Fees for adequate internet service to your building. A minimum of 4Mbps upload speed is required. These fees will assessed by your internet provider such as Spectrum, Cincinnati Bell or other provider.
    • Encoder and installation/connection to your existing equipment.
    • Wire, router or other internal network devices or installation required to connect the encoder to the internet.
    • Equipment needed to provide audio and video to the encoder.

    Sound Concepts will provide a complete cost estimate to provide and install all required equipment.

    Just ask for a quote. 

To set up an initial, no cost, site visit or for more information call us at

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